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About the Boyz!

Who is Brunch with the Boyz?

Our podcast consists of two brothers Jamaican Background and a friend who is a frat brother. We have known each other for over 15 years. 

It all started one mid moring at Another Broken Egg in Orlando, Fl. As we sat around talking about various topics, laughing, making jokes, and of course, debating several different issues. A neighboring group that sat adjacent to us decided to chime in on our conversation. They let us know that they were so entertained by our topics and viewpoints and that each of us had great radio voices. "You guys should do something on the radio or at least start a Podcast!" And from there, Brunch with the Boyz was born. 

 We wanted to create a platform to develop a community, to reach people through our perspective and experiences. Adding in a secret ingredient of laughter and the male dynamic!

Love and Relationships in the Black Community

Brunch with the Boyz Podcast Hosts

Jezzy ...

is from Miami, Fl "County of Dade". He has a Master's in Computer Science. Jezzy is the host of the show and his viewpoints are expressive and typically hyper-sexual. However, because he is abrasive he is easily misunderstood and feels "I'm just saying what most men think but are too afraid to say". He keeps it hood-intelligent and always relevant. 


King Dez...

is from Prince George's "PG County " MD. Has a law degree. Dez's viewpoints on the show are his strong belief in equity in relationships. Dez will debate you to death until you see his point. He is always ad-libbing like he the 4th Migos. Never know which of the many accents and impersonations he may flip into at any time. 

Gent ...

is from Miami, FL by way of Kingston, Jamaica. He has an MBA. Gent's viewpoints are old-school where he believes in Chivalry and gender roles. Viewed by the Boyz as an undercover freak. Gent stays laughing and never afraid of his feelings or how it makes him look.

Relationship Advice for Black Couples

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